Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things to do for Passenger for next quarter

We talked about alot of things today. What we're going to do for next quarter, marketing, Dam short film festival, skype, and post work.

We're planning on finishing this next quarter so we've got alot of work to do but we can do it!

As far as marketing goes we talked about making posters, teaser trailers, and postcards and stickers.

We made a schedule plan for the first two weeks of the quarter which I'll be posting down below.

Since we might have conflicting schedules next quarter and we might not be able to meet each other in person all the time we could do skype meetings. We'll all have to sign up for skype however.

Also, I made the blog available so that everyone can post now and not just me. I didn't know how to do it before so now you guys have access to it and can put up new posts whenever you need to fill us in on something.

Weekly schedule (up to two weeks in to the next quarter)

End of Week 1:

Christa: Have Adam rig done
Steven: Have another computer screen finished
Emi: Work on textures
Livi: Animation rough

End of week 2:

Christa: Have rig fully done (if not finished by week 1) and have some rough animation
Emi: Work on some posters and rough animation
Steven: Do visual FX tests
Livi: Rough animation and maybe storyboards for teaser trailers.

If any of this you think would clash with your class work, Livi and Steven, make sure to let me know and we can work around it.

Environment notes:
- Do lighting tests
- Do nebula tests
- Do steam tests

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