Saturday, June 18, 2011

Assigned scenes and model list

So here is everbody's assigned scenes for next quarter once we start animating. I'm putting up the time code from the storyboard on Vimeo so make sure to scrub through it to find your scenes.

Emi- :46-:48, :49-:51, Opening scene 00:00

Steven- :56-:57, compositing aspects

Olivia- :03-:08, Long walk scene, 1:02-1:03

Christa- :31-:35, :36-:46, 1:06-1:08

Over the break, I'm hoping we can finish all the modeling and textures as well as have some basic lighting blocked in. I'll see if I can work on the lighting if I can get my computer to cooperate with me. I'll also set up a master folder once all the models are finished. So hopefully we'll just have to worry about the animation for next quarter. The goal is to have it finished by week 6.

Here is a model list so far. The ones that are in bold are the models that are pretty much finished:

Large Ship
Small ship

Room 1
Room 2

Also here is the live action ref footage that Livi put together for us. Thanks Livi!